Dmitry Kalashnikov

Sr. Software Engineer

Seattle, WA




Mobile Apps Native iOS (v3.2 - 7.0) development with Objective-C (1.0, 2.0) using CoreData, StoreKit, AVFoundation, Social, MediaPlayer, UIKit and other frameworks ever since the fist SDK was released. Appcelerator Titanium, Rhodes, and PhoneGap frameworks (for multi-platform development).
Java World Java, Google Guava, Spring 3, TestNG, JSON, FreeMarker, Maven, Gradle, Ant, Jenkins.
Web Apps Ruby on Rails, Zope, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP.NET MVC.
Methodology Domain-Driven Design, Design Patterns, Test-Driven Development, Continuous Delivery, Continous Integration, Agile.


2011, Beautiful Code Factory, Inc.
Sr. Mobile Developer

2011, Expedia, Inc.
Software Development Engineer II

Flights Domain

Mobile Team / Mobiata

2007 - 2011, Microsoft
Software Development Engineer

Business Online Services R&D Core
Involved in many aspects of data center automation, deployment, virtual machine management, networking and PKI.


2004 - 2006, Klimb Consulting

Worked on all aspects of software development process, delivering the following projects from start to finish:

7/2005, Rock Climbing Coach, Klimb

I am very passionate about rock climbing. In July I took a break from software and coached clients for the upcoming US Climbing Nationals, and World Cup championships in China. We used Klimb (the software I created) to track progress and prep for peak performance. My client's performance increased dramatically:

2003 - 2004, Klimb

Created "Klimb", a journaling software that helps coaches track athletes progress and train more efficiently, syncing peak performance with competition dates.

2001 - 2003, ToolBuilders Laboratories
Software Engineer, Spartan-1 Team

1997 - 2001, Millennium Products

Started a software company while still in high school, focusing on promoting Linux.


BS in CiS, Eastern Washington University

When I started college I was already working full-time as a professional developer. I challenged many computer science courses (took final exams), was chosen to lead nearly every team project.

BS in "Concert Piano and Music Theory", Magadan Music Academy

I am very fortunate to be born into a family of musicians. My mother is a concert pianist and my dad was a director of 3 music schools. I inherited "perfect pitch" from my mom, and been playing piano since I was 4.


Professional Training / Seminars / Conferences